Payment Protection Insurance Claims Still a Long Way to Go

According to Financial Ombudsman Chief Tony Boorman, PPI claims have dropped significantly from over 266,000 in the first half of 2013, to 190,000 in the second half, but it is still “depressingly high.” Boorman, along with FSCS Chief Executive Mark Neale, consider PPI to have not yet reached its peak.


Boorman said that “We’re still a long way from being able to say that PPI is sorted once and for all. Over 1,000 people every day are still asking us to sort out PPI problems that they’ve not been able to resolve directly with their bank.”

According to the FOS, RBS, Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays, HSBC and MBNA accounted for 70% of the PPI complaints the organization receives daily. The five financial institutions also make up the largest chunk in the current £25 billion PPI recompense package for the United Kingdom.

FSCS Mark Neale said that they project an increase of 20% in the number of complaints the Financial Services Compensation Scheme will handle this year. The FSCS also handles complaints regarding financial products and services.

Neale said that the peak of PPI will still go on in a few years, but not in 2014 or 2015. The FSCS research cannot tell when, but the number of complaints is still fluctuating and has not yet plateaued at this point.

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Why We Are All Getting Impatient

Technology is the biggest thing of the future, and storytellers and those who predicted that technology will improve in the next few decades never missed the beat. The designs might seem wrong, but everything reasonably feels right. The internet is the biggest technological advancement in the world that facilitated everything, including other procedures for many people.

However, the internet is convenient in helping us find something that could help us escape from reality. Travel blogs describing about tropical destinations that seem really fun are really fun. Videogames downloadable over the internet paid or pirated are great distractions. You could look at fantastic art that in the old world would not have existed, or you needed to visit a gallery or buy a picture book to see.

The conveniences of the internet and its convenient involvement in our daily lives are actually costing us our patience. Before, you need to look through a library for 3 hours before you found the sources you needed. Today, you could just input a few words and do a few clicks and voila, you have your resources.

The internet swiftly introduce attention deficit disorders to extended-use surfers because the internet caters to any form of random thought.

Convenience has its perks, but definitely, the internet is making us impatient with all the fast resource location and impeccable communication services that drive away our attention instantly.


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Choosing One’s Responsibilities Carefully

The internet is probably one of the best modern conveniences that humankind had ever conceived. If you need to talk to someone, just connect to the internet and find their name. If you need to know about something, just use the search engine and you can definitely find what you’re looking for. Even skills we want to learn, is possible to learn in textbook-style or video demonstrations that could slow down if we needed to.

With these new-generation technologies enabling us to improve our abilities, some people try to gain an advantage over other people with their knowledge. Sure, I could say it’s just the internet and I’m a car engine expert, I still know lots of things more than you by experience, but some people can perform research that can par my knowledge even without experience.

Sometimes, this particular “knowledge overload” could make life more complicated rather than provide a solution. I’ve noticed this in with one of my friends.

He was already a young professional and doing well. He learned how to make money through the stock market by studying through the internet alone. He was earning great millions, but he said that he was still not happy.

I thought why wouldn’t he be happy? He has a good wife, he was doing the things he loves at work (architecture), he can provide for at least three children’s futures in education and the professional world.

Then I thought, maybe he had so much responsibilities. He said that he did not feel free. Freedom is happiness.

We have always been warned to choose our own battles, and choosing our responsibilities carefully is similar to such. Choosing our own responsibilities and challenges will add stress, skills and improvement to us. Sometimes, these improvements may be undesirable for us in the long run. This is why we need to be careful with the things we are willing to learn, and willing to take responsibility of.

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The Illusion of Free Will In Modern Day Empires

Every day, people rise up to eat, maintain and ensure their car engine runs smoothly, deal with traffic to go to routine work that provides them and their company benefits for themselves. At night, people can watch television, surf the internet or do their hobbies. During weekends, recreational activities of your choice are available when you play videogames at home, spend it in the park, have a weekend vacation or just a simple trip to the mall.

All of these give you choices on which kind of work you want, the pay you want to get, the vacation package you want. It is the perfect form of freedom; the choice to customize things you have to pay.

In reality, the biggest companies and organizations in the world run modern day empires. The government is powerless given that they could only protect the fairness and disputes between these organizations. The funniest part is that these companies, organizations and influential families do not make use of fear as an instrument of control, but rather pleasure.

You have endless choices for which kind of pleasure you want out of life, but you only have minimal choices in terms of the work you want to have, the life you want to live, the opportunities of growth you have. The small cracks are showing if you look closely at how the news is trying to uplift the fact that the governments, companies and powerful families are doing something to help those in the lower echelons of society.

If there is free will, the world would have ended with a great burst of anarchy. Hierarchy, authority and dominance man will always need to ensure his survival and the unity of his race and through illusory free will, those in control can give pleasure to their underlings as they try to organise the race for their own purpose.

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Impossible Needs Will Always Sell

The entertainment industry serves two purposes. First, it entertains people. The variety of shows entertainment provides are endless. Without bordering on more niche entertainment, mainstream entertainment promotes values and morals upheld by the society and the government. Its second purpose is to sell the impossible.

The reason why skin whitening products and supplements sell highly in South Africa, Southeast Asia and other dark-skinned countries is because the colour of white skin is promoted as something highly pure. This particular connotation is created subliminally due to the exposure to the entertainment industry.

Most men and women in the industry have good looking and fair to white skin. Today’s computer capabilities could enhance the skin quality, making it look radiant and glowing in most commercials.

The entertainment industry shows advertisements of beauty products and how the actual actor or actress appears in a television series right after the commercial break. It then serves its dual purpose that helps it earn its keep.

Then the impossible happens. People in dark-skinned countries believe these beauty products will help them become as radiant as the actors and actresses on-screen. With some of the product’s endorses actually having fairer skin in commercials, people will definitely buy something to attempt to attain something that is impossible.

Why it is impossible is because actors and actresses have their beauticians, dieticians and stylists who help them achieve such a look. Without mentioning directors, lighting and camera angles that show their good profile, what you’re buying is not enough to give you a rosy, white glow, or anything that the commercial actually shows you.

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Is it Fair to Block Pornography in the Internet?

Morality is the basis of many laws in many parts of the world and morality is based on religion. As they ensure the wellness of the interaction of every person in a society, it can be acknowledged that this is one factor religion is politically useful. However, based on this morality, several types of information could be blocked from existence, including Internet child pornography.

Paedophilic material is offensive to a great group of people in the world. Even if some cultures accept paedophilia as part of their culture, it is against to law to abuse a child, let alone sexually abuse them online or offline. The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister David Cameron had launched an offensive against online child pornography. He has been urging Internet search engine giants Google and Microsoft to aid the country in blocking child and simulated rape pornography off the information highways of the United Kingdom.

Of course, for the same basic reason, it is natural to support this move. However, if you think about it, is it fair to block such media in the Internet?

Before Google Executive Erik Schimidt actually approved of Cameron’s urging, he said that blocking certain information in the Internet actually destroys the principle of the Internet which is to share information to the rest of the world regardless of how obscure or obscene it could be.

Why the Internet is popular because it is a vast repository of knowledge that individuals could access with just a click and a few keystrokes. People have the choice to refuse or retain certain information they access.

The fairness of blocking child pornography is a question of morality and majority ruling. It will be banned because majority of the world upholds morality as the highest virtue, which is rationally important as it is the ‘glue’ of society, including the bonds of law.

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The Hard Way is the Right Way

If there is one thing rock bands are actually right about, it is that if it hurts, it means you are doing it right, and that death is constant and other people are hell. People who possess great charisma, achievements and networks of friends and colleagues are people who took life the hard way.

Many people are stressed from doing work and driving through traffic on a daily basis. Some find that all hassles coming their way are actually there to ensure their day sucks. This is only a mindset; the true vision should be that comfort is the enemy of progress.

To gain muscles, you do not only eat right, you also train hard. Training drains and damages your muscles to the point your protein content can repair and improve them to give you better strength. To gain a good profit, it is important to take a big risk, and such a big risk pays off if one tries to take the hard way of taking into consideration all available details.

The next time you are confronted with something that seems difficult to decide on, always remember that doing the right thing is finding the hardest thing on the list. This means you should always try to take on something that proves to be difficult, has the potential to break you down and get you off track.

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The Right to Defend One’s Self and the Government’s Provision of Rights

When Aaron Alexis, a retired US military veteran and construction contractor who shot dead 12 people recently, activists have again commented on the laxness of the US gun laws, which allow virtually anyone to own a gun and even shoot it.


Owning a gun is not against the law, but you will need to pass through the requirements needed of you. Firing a gun at a person without the context of self-defense is another thing. The right to defend one’s self is the sole purpose of owning a gun in the United States.

But why are there still many Americans who reject the idea of making gun laws stricter? It is highly understandable in some states, especially those with a large population living in the wild. Rifles are highly important for them as they would need to defend their property and themselves from wild animals and probable bandits.

However, if the government indeed provides the right kind of rights by fulfilling their responsibility to keep everyone safe efficiently, a stricter gun law is not even needed to have people drop their arms.

It is said that Alexis was a hot-head and his retirement was because of several gun-related rampages in the US military as well. If the government cannot even fulfil their responsibilities by sanctioning Alexis, then everyone will still push to own something that could help them defend themselves.

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The Law in the Modern World

Without laws, no government can exist. Not even an embodiment of society could exist. With laws, everyone’s freedom is protected and limited at the same time. The law is a consensus of the society that would allow a governing body to enforce them to ensure the safety of the many. This is what the law meant in the world in the past.

The law is definite and supreme as it wrests the power from the powerful to ensure that it is also distributed fairly to those who lack such capabilities. However, the law is just a measurement of civility. Civilized freedom is a form of oppression that is followed under the laws that apply.

In the modern world, the law is a tool for individuals who understand how it functions, or has the power to purchase individuals that would enable them to understand how the law functions. The law, a public consensus, has its loopholes that allow even the most crooked to obscure another’s freedom. A person could not be judged by the public because some laws do not cover an obscure action and some laws might permit them a bargain in return.

The law, a wrapping for society, could be penetrated by select individuals who could wrap people beneficial to them. Today’s governments have become incomprehensible for the common person, especially with the networks of surveillance and controlled power in the world today.

The law in the modern world is not the one in principle in the past. It generates stability for the people who have power and those in the upper echelons of society.

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Becoming a Jury in Court

Court cases are highly serious because it dictates the freedom or punishment of an individual. Becoming a jury is not an easy task, but if you are to be one, here’s some things you’ll undertake

1. Process
Jurors are asked randomly depending on the case at hand. You could not excuse yourself from the task unless you have a holiday or are having a sick leave. You will usually undertake two weeks of service.

2. Waiting
You will arrive and be taken to a room for Jurors alone. Several other jurors will be with you and you will have to wait until the clerk selects you to be part of the Jury. Several entertainment materials and even free Internet services are available in the Jury Room. You will be led to the courtroom and be given a stationery to take notes about the case.

3. Losses
For loss of earnings and your travel and eating expenses, the court will compensate you. You have a school class-like schedule and you could eat outside using your court food allowance.

4. Trial
Once in trial, you would hear the arguments of both prosecution and defence. Judges will often direct and instruct the jurors throughout the entire trial. You will have aides to guide you on what to do during the trial.

5. Deliberation
Once the Jury is in deliberation, a foreman will represent the Jury. Debate in the deliberation will often ascend to different levels as you all absorb the evidence. The foreman will try to rebut arguments and guarantee that every juror will have their own time to speak. Peer pressure is high in this situation, but it is important to keep a level head.

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